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S1 - E1

Episode 1: All Tomorrow's Parties

New York City is a place where people come to live their dreams and the seven "Gallery Girls" are no exception. These young women all share a passion for art -- but are divided by their Manhattan and Brooklyn lifestyles. Kerri Lisa lands an internship with art advisor Sharon Hurowitz, as Chantal Chadwick and Claudia Martinez Reardon prepare to open their own art gallery, End of Century. This puts the pressure on their friend Angela Pham who is anxious to spark a career in photography. Meanwhile, Maggie Schaffer meets with her former boss and art gallery owner Eli Klein and bumps into Liz Margulies, who is currently interning at his space. Amy Poliakoff, who is also working for Sharon, goes to an after-party hosted by Eli and has too much to drink, making some of the ladies uncomfortable. Are these young women prepared for the demands of a career in the cutthroat art world?

Aired: 08/13/2012