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This Is the One Home Item Every Cat Owner Needs

We found a way to conceal your cat's litter box so it seamlessly blends in with your home décor.

By Talia Ergas
Introducing The Real Housecats of Orange County

Like most cat parents, I’ll do absolutely anything to make my kitty happy. That includes accepting that all my clothes will always be covered in an obscene amount of cat hair, enduring the stomach-turning smell of canned cat food twice a day every day, and having an unsightly litter box become the décor eye sore of my home. 

For me, that last one is the biggest irritation. I live in a teeny one-bedroom apartment, and therefore have very few options of where to put Leroy’s litter box. While some people are lucky enough to stow their boxes behind the washer in a laundry room or in the far corner of an extra large bathroom, that’s just not my reality. In fact, for the longest time, my reality was an ugly bright blue litter box right in the corner of the living room. 

That is, until I stumbled upon the most genius cat product ever and now everything has changed. Enter Archie & Oscar, a brand devoted to making sure that, as pet owners, our babies’ presence in the home is both stylish and affordable. It makes super chic cat trees to seamlessly blend into your home’s decor, dog beds modeled after tufted sofas, and fish bowls that double as plant vases. But my absolute favorite item is its range of litter box enclosures. 

If you’ve never heard of a litter box enclosure, it’s basically a piece of furniture meant to conceal your cat’s litter box. Archie & Oscar makes ones that are designed to look like pieces of furniture you’d already have in your home — for instance, a wooden cabinet or a standing plant — so to the untrained eye, it’ll just blend right into whatever room it’s in. But you and only you know that what’s really in there is a box of cat poop. 

My litter box enclosure has changed my entire living room. Since I’m working with a small space, I opted for one of the more compact versions: The Frieda Litter Box Enclosure looks just like a cute white bench. I throw some chic throw pillows on top to throw visitors off the scent even more. Speaking of scent, the fact that the litter is now enclosed is also helpful in keeping the smell to a minimum. For the cat, it’s added privacy when they’re doing their business. And since the structure isn’t actually a bench (it has a 100-pound limit), it doubles as a cat bed and the perfect just-for-Leroy perch to hang out on. That all adds up to the fact that my cat loves the litter box too — which is all that really matters anyway, right?

Scroll down to see Archie & Oscar's incredible selection of litter box-concealing furniture. The best part: It's all ON SALE at Wayfair right now!

Frieda Litter Box Enclosure

This one's my personal favorite for a few reasons: 1) It has a litter entry way where you can put a litter mat, which is included. The litter mat is great for preventing your cat from tracking litter through the house. 2) You can put the cat door entrance on either side of the structure. 3) Because it has cabinet-style doors, you can pile things on top of the box and not have to move them when you want to change the litter.

Clementine Wooden Litter Box Cabinet

This one's one of the biggest in the bunch, and it's perfect for people with extra space. Inside the structure, there's a hidden drawer to keep odds and ends like a cat brush or nail clipper. The entrance can be moved to either side. Note: The entrance is a little high, so you might want to put a little stepping stool for your cat next to it. 

Alfie Litter Box End Table

Wouldn't this chic side table look perfect in a bathroom or laundry room? With a spot to stack your magazines, this structure has a towel bar that can be assembled on either side. The cat door can be opened wide for easier clean up as well. It's also available in walnut- or espresso-hued wood.

Ace Jumbo Litter Box Enclosure

Another great option for a laundry room or bathroom, this litter box enclosure is extra large for those of you with bigger (or multiple) kitties. If you're not much of a handy person, you'll love the fact that no tools are required for assembling this one. There are two ventilation holes, and four colorways are available to match a variety of décor styles. 

Ace Litter Box Enclosure

The more compact version of the Ace litter box enclosure is meant to suit smaller spaces or single-cat homes. It doesn't have a towel bar, so it would look equally good as a side table in a living room or den. Pick from one of four chic colorways, including the pictured moody hue.

Ava Litter Box Enclosure

This particular box opens from the top, so it's great if you don't have space for swinging cabinet-style doors. Like all Archie & Oscar litter box enclosures, you can pick which side you want the cat entrance to be on. This also has the same entry way structure as the Frieda model.

Elijah Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter

Perhaps the most inconspicuous option is this hollow planter. Don't want guests knowing what's really lurking in there? Turn the cat hole to face the wall.  

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