Proof That a $13 Throw Pillow Can Totally Make Over Your Space

Proof That a $13 Throw Pillow Can Totally Make Over Your Space

Because a statement-making pillow can transform a room from meh to gorgeous in an instant.

By Katherine Kluznik

Throw pillows have a pretty basic job: to sit there and look pretty. It’s kind of a dream gig, if you think about it, whiling away the hours lying on a sofa or lazing all day on a nicely made bed...

But as cushy as their job might seem, they also manage to get a lot done — namely, making a room feel pulled-together and well designed. And the right pillow—one with stand-out, statement-making style—well, that pillow can single-handedly transform a room from meh to gorgeous just by showing up.

The quality that makes them the superstars of the decor world, though, is what a super-bargain they are in the grand scheme of your design. Sure, you could revamp your space with a new sofa—or you could save a couple grand and top the one you’ve already got with a menagerie of glamorous throw pillows, like maybe the maribou-bedecked cushion ahead (76%-off at Neiman Marcus now!), or an under-$100 mongolian lamb version in candyfloss pink, or a zebra-print carré, or a coral velveteen design bedecked in crocheted fringe...

Mina Victory Shearling Pillow

Opalhouse Velvet Fringe Pillow

Aviva Stanoff Feather Pillow

Pony Dance Sequined Pillows

Urban Outfitters ‘Leila’ Pillow

Opalhouse Velvet Fringe Pillow

Ugg ‘Skylar’ Pillows

H&M Zebra Pillow

Urban Outfitters Pintuck Pillows

Anthropologie ‘Sylvie’ Pillow

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