People Are Flocking to the "Bird Box" House in California

People Are Flocking to the "Bird Box" House in California

And they’re wearing blindfolds in honor of the massively popular Netflix film.

By Courtney Thompson

If you haven’t heard of Bird Box… well you might just be living in a box. Since being released by Netflix on December 13, the thriller starring Sandra Bullock was streamed by more than 45 million accounts in the first week, making it the company’s most successful movie ever. And literally, everyone’s talking about. Like Kim Kardashian, who tweeted about the movie on New Year's day and was quickly shamed by the world over for being so hopelessly not in the know.

If you have seen it, then you know that John Malkovich’s home plays a big role in the film, it’s where all sh*t breaks loose early on in the story, it’s where a pregnant Bullock hides out for a while and… okay, I’m venturing into spoiler-alert territory, so I’ll stop right there.

Credit: Netflix

In a hilarious turn of events, TMZ is reporting that rabid Bird Box fans have found the home, which is located in the quaint town of Monrovia, California, about 20 miles north of Los Angeles, and have been showing up there ever since the film premiered (and even on Christmas day). And yes, some of them are wearing blindfolds. [Side note: Characters in the film wear the blindfolds to protect them from seeing, um… okay we’re venturing back into that murky spoiler-alert territory again!] And we get the allure — it’s all for the 'gram!

“You can see right now — there's a whole bunch of people over there and I don't think there's a half hour that goes by where there isn't somebody out here taking pictures,” local resident Mark Christensen told ABC News.

Credit: ABC News

The home’s owner told TMZ that she was paid $12,000 to allow filming, and that the house has been appeared in three other films over the past couple of decades. She also seemed to take her home’s new popularity in stride, saying that the fans have all been very polite, with some even knocking on her door for permission to take photos out front. It’s official: Our faith in mankind is restored. For now. 

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