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Gregg: "Weave is About to Fly!"

Gregg talks bridesmaid drama and bacon.

By Gregg Leakes

As I watched the show, I was hopeful that despite the hardships, this family WILL be together. There is nothing that would prevent me from fixing my family. I don’t care what I have to do, short of death, there is nothing in my way. I set the temperature of this family, and I’m choosing for it to be warm and loving. I will blend till my end. Feelings have been made known, and I accept my failings towards my children and my NeNe. I did fail! But you can be sure of this, the game is not over and I’m not about to quit or punt. I love my children, and I owe them for not being there. This is a debt I fully intend to pay with interest.

[video_clip_url:] My only daughter, Katrina…words ripped my heart apart and it needed to do just that. Even though we didn't talk all the time, I felt my children's presence with me all the time. My sons are nothing short of remarkable. All my children continued to love their dad despite where we were, and I will be forever grateful to them for that. Chill bumps came over me when my daughter spoke to me and my sons said we still have our dad and let’s move on. I love my children.

But as I said at the start, my children NEVER had anything against NeNe, and I hope that after hearing them say that to her, she believes it and accepts it. They simply love you. I’m the bad guy, but not for long. I’m the problem. Or should I say, WAS the problem. I say to anybody regarding my mission: If you can’t help me, please don’t block me. Move out of my way and don’t try to stop me. We’re winning this one! Daddy is home!

Now the bridesmaids are a different story all together. Who will be the one to stand next to my bride? Well, they’ve got to go through some stuff before we will know. The claws are coming out and being sharpened. But I’m glad I don’t have much interaction with them. They all will have a special part in our wedding as they now have in our hearts. Diana is not feeling this crap because she is the mother of the group. Lexis is not going to back off and you better believe it. Marlo, well she is no joke. Ms. Marlo is going to bring it hard. The other ladies are smart too. They are sizing up this situation before they jump in. Very smart move, ladies.[video_clip_url:]Brentt misses his mom. Hell, I miss her too. He wants his mom home, but mommy has to make bacon so daddy can cook it. Brentt loves bacon. Everything will be just fine, son.
Lexis said Diana wants NeNe for herself. Oh my! Replaced by the Diana? The ladies will toss it up, around, over, and a lot more. These chicks are going to go in and in and in and in and in. Everything is fair game. Mix it up, girls. This is going to blow up. Watch. I know all of them.

Get it, girls. Get it!!! Cat fight! Weave is about fly!!! Run, Forrest, run. Somebody please drop a bomb on me. BOOM!!!

Stay tuned. You don’t want to miss a thang, baby![video_clip_url:]
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