Quiz: Are You a *Real* Foodie — or Just a Foodie Poser?

Quiz: Are You a *Real* Foodie — or Just a Foodie Poser?

Deep down, you may already know...

Do you choose the restaurant for your next hot date-night based on the tattooed sleeves on its as-seen-on-TV chef, or based on the menu specifics? Are you happy waiting as long as necessary for a hard-to-get table as long as you can tweet about the experience... or because it's a chance to sample something from the bar menu at the often-overlooked dive down the street in the meanwhile? See where we're going with this? We think you do. Take this quiz to find out whether you're a true food lover, a foodie poser... or somewhere in between. (And if you don't like your results, take it again before you share it on Facebook.)

What Kind of Food Lover Are You?

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