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We Need to Talk About That Crazy Imposters Episode: 3 Twists That Changed Everything

*Spoilers Ahead* Episode 5 of Imposters was a non-stop parade of us screaming "WHAT?!" Find out every insane twist you missed. 

By Rachael Roberts
Who Killed the Mark Gary Heller?

Leave it to a show about con artists to not only fool it's audience once but over and over and over again. Just when we think we have Imposters' characters and plot figured out - BAM! It's like Lenny Cohen just showed up in our house making us salad holding a very large scary knife. Check out the three moments below that had us rethinking everything and don't forget to tune into Imposters Tuesdays at 10/9c. 

1. Max and Sally were a thing, Max betrayed Sally - causing her possible death?

Max Betrays Sally

Talk about the hits that keep comin'. First, we find out that Sally is on the lamb after Maddie finds her bloody holding a giant wad of the late Gary Heller's cash. Then Max finds her and they decide to run away together because they have always secretly loved each other. (Honestly, our heart melted into warm and fuzzies for real at that flashback). Then when it seems there's finally a happy ending for someone on Imposters, Lenny Cohen appears casually leaning on a car, staring the pair down (which, you know, the more casual you are the more terrifying you are).

At least these two were going down together until Lenny uttered the painful "You need to stop saying we" and the realization washed over us. Max played Sally. He's selling her up the river right along with that house boat. What is Lenny Cohen going to do with Sally exactly? Something tells us we don't wanna know. Lesson learned: never trust an Imposter. 

2. Maddie and Patrick FINALLY hooked up, but now he's the mark.

Maddie Has a New Mark, And You Already Know Him

We'll give it to Imposters for making us emotionally invested in Maddie's love life although she is kind of a terrible person who breaks hearts, steals money, and blackmails lovers. We did a little squeal inside when Maddie finally gave into her feelings for Patrick - and honestly, after cleaning up blood and Lenny Cohen chopping up a man in the next room, we'd happily run into the arms of actor Stephen Bishop as well. But if we've learned anything on Imposters nothing is quite what it seems. Right when there's something innocent in the Imposters world, it's immediately tainted by cruel reality. Or in this case, Max.

Yup, Max picks up our leading lady and lets her know that the only way she's getting out of her whole "your mark is dead" mess with the Doctor is to take on Patrick as her new mark. But, Saffron likes him for real this time! Sad emoji. And if you thought that twist was too much...


Maddie Gets Three Big Surprises

We audibly gasped when we heard Ezra Bloom speak French to unsuspecting, forlorn Maddie. Literal chills went up our spine as Richard said Alice, and shouts of "OH NO THEY DIDN'T" were exclaimed when Jules said, "Hey, Ce." (Again it's the casualness that makes it so epic!). Ho-Ly Mo-Ly, people! Things just got SO REAL, we are still freaking out - and we can't wait to see what happens next.

Luckily for you, we have a sneak peek of the next episode to find out what happens AFTER the bumblers catch Miss Maddie.

Is Ezra Breaking the Maddie Code?
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