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5 Questions We Have After the Season Two Premiere of Imposters

The season just started, but there's already so much that we need to talk about. 

So Where Are the Bumblers off to for Season 2 of Imposters?

Bravo's thrilling con series Imposters is back, and stakes are higher than ever for our characters. Ezra, Richard, and Jules are on the run after conning Maddie and the FBI, and they're looking for a way to get Maddie's million-dollar engagement rings off their hands at the right price. Meanwhile, Maddie has started a new life in the middle of nowhere, much to the chagrin of her spurned fiancé and FBI agent Patrick. 

We're only one episode into the second season, but we're already trying to piece together what will go down. Here are the five questions we have right after the season two premiere of Imposters

1. Is This the End for Max?

The OG con artist appears to be totally out of sorts after the failed con at Maddie's wedding. He's on the run, trying to escape the clutches of The Doctor as well as his painful memories of his accomplice and lady love Sally. Has Max reached a dead end? 

2. Will Maddie Find Love With Michael?

Maddie's track record is pretty shabby when it comes to love, but if there's someone who can get to know the real her, maybe it's Michael. There's something about this earnest craftsman that makes her smile, so there could be something there...before Maddie changes her wig and skips town again, that is.   

3. Is Patrick Still in Love With Maddie?

Granted, their whole relationship might have been a total scam on his end, but Patrick definitely had some strong feelings for Maddie. From the looks of it, not all of the love is lost between Patrick and Maddie, even if he did get demoted because of her. 

4. What's Going to Happen to the Ring??

The Bumblers are headed to Mexico to try and sell the coveted saffron ring, but they find out that Richard tucked their meal ticket safely a mug at his mom's house. These amateurs definitely need a new game plan. 

5. What Does Shelly Cohen Want?

Last season, The Doctor sent Lenny Cohen to set Maddie straight when her budding relationship with Patrick distracted her from the con. We know that Lenny is quite dangerous, and we're already more than a little creeped out by her ex-husband Shelly and his rose-colored glasses. Could The Doctor have recruited him as backup?

All will be revealed in time.

You can watch Imposters every Thursday at 10/9c. In the meantime, learn how to spot a liar, below:

Imposters: How to Tell if Someone's Lying
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