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Imposters Poll: Should Ezra Trust Rosa?

As it turns out, life in the grift makes dating really difficult. Do you trust Ezra's new love interest? 

By Ineye Komonibo
Has Ezra Bloom Fallen For a New Girl?

Season two of Imposters opened up with our lovable Bumblers on the lam, trying to figure out their next steps after pulling off their greatest con yet. Things really seemed to be looking up for Maddie's ex-husbands and wife...that is, until they had to make a run across the border to Mexico in order to find a buyer for the saffron ring — you know, the one that Richard left in a mug in Arizona.

Despite this little hiccup in their plans, the trio is doing surprisingly well in Mexico City; Jules is teaching painting classes, and Richard...well, he's facing a moral dilemma about the grift. Ezra, on the other hand, has fully embraced the con, so much so that his friends are getting a little worried that he's becoming too much like their ex. His thrill for the game only heightens when he runs into Rosa, a beautiful pickpocket who shares his enthusiasm for the hustle. Sparks fly between the two, and soon both Ezra and Rosa are sharing more than just the spoils of their scams.

Ezra has his share of trust issues, and we don't blame him — it's only natural after finding out that your wife is a serial con artist. Though the new and improved Ezra Bloom may be wiser to the ways of this world, he's still that same hopeless romantic. Do you think that Rosa is trustworthy, or should Ezra watch his back (and his pockets) with her?

You can catch a new episode Imposters every Thursday at 10/9c. In the meantime, learn how to spot a liar, below:

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