Ep 2: Le'Dor

Ep 2: Le'Dor

191001 4040510 Le Dor Learns To Walk Like A Man
Season 1 |
Aired: October 8, 2019
| tv-14 |

Le'Dor is an aspiring politician, but while campaigning for a seat on City Council, the only thing people wanted to talk about was that she's the mother of young kids. In their eyes, motherhood ultimately disqualified her from being a worthy candidate and she believes that's why she lost the election. So, in a unique social experiment this mom of young children will be completely transformed into...a dad of young children. When facing a focus group tasked to assess potential politicians, can Le'Dor convince them she has what it takes to hold public office, or will her dad alter ego automatically be the "best man for the job?"

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