Ep 1: Jessica Chastain

Ep 1: Jessica Chastain

Season 22 |
Aired: December 21, 2016

Bravo Media’s Emmy Award-winning Inside the Actors Studio, hosted by James Lipton welcomes award-winning actress and producer Jessica Chastain to the stage. In light of her titular role in the new film Miss Sloane, currently in theaters, the talented performer discusses her rise to Hollywood stardom from humble beginnings as a shy and anxious adolescent in northern California. The ever endearing Chastain reflects on theater training at Julliard and her career-changing films, such as Salomé, where she starred opposite Al Pacino, who she counts among her biggest influences. Viewers will also learn about Chastain’s personal experiences in iconic movies such as A Most Violent Year, which she describes as one of her greatest filmmaking achievements, and Zero Dark Thirty, explaining why it was the worst experience of her life. 

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