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Giggle Fest

Gary thinks party planning should always involve rose.

By Gary Janetti

Hey guys!

Only one more episode to go! OK, this week -- first off, Caryl, our dog trainer was great. I'd be lying if I said we kept up with it though. Penelope just wasn't into it. And we think she's pretty great the way she is. I can live with a little barking, it's not like she's crapping all over the house or anything. She IS trained. She's just a little bossy, that's all. She likes me and Brad to be at her disposal day and night, and I'm OK with that. Jasper, on the other hand, is completely perfect.

Training the Bitch

Love Shay Mitchell! She's gorgeous, love, love, love her and thought she looked amazing! And I was so happy to hear Brad tell Lindsay what a great job she's been doing this week. She continues to be a bright spot in both our lives. I loved what she did with his office, truly. But was dismayed those stools were still there. (I hate them so much.)
Dressing Shay Mitchell
Right after we came back from Italy I went back to work and also went right into serious party planning mode. I can see I'm starting to get a little anxious at the food tasting, but I was really putting a lot of pressure on myself to pull off the perfect party. And I believe you really need to work hard to make everything in your life happen the way you want it to, parties included. Although, I think there is also a time when you need to release a little control as well. In theory, anyway.

Steven Petrarca is not only a good friend but an amazing event planner, and we spent a lot of time trying to make sure everything was going to be perfect and no detail would be overlooked. We also spent a lot of time laughing and joking and having fun with the planning. He found the most terrific caterers, "Whoa Nelly", to cater our party and Stephanie and Beth came and did a crazy delicious tasting at our house. We had so much fun tweaking the menu and "sampling" (which does not count as eating) all the food -- and Brad's right, Steven and I did drink a bottle of rose. And then we got the giggles for like an hour. Do straight men get the giggles, too, after a few beers? I'm guessing no. Can't wait to see next week's episode when I REALLY start to drive Steven insane.
Being Driven to Drink Gay Man's Beer
And finally, we went to New York for the Trevor Project Benefit. Brad and I have been involved with the Trevor Project for years. It's a gay teen suicide prevention hotline that was co-founded by our good friend, James Lecesne. ("Trevor" was a monologue from a one man show James wrote titled "Word of Mouth" and then was turned into an Academy Award winning short film that Ellen Degeneres introduced when it aired on HBO several years ago. If you haven't seen it -- you must! It's funny and touching. Love!) Brad and I have attended their annual event in LA and NY for the last ten years. We are so proud to be associated with The Trevor Project and to help in any small way with the incredible work that they do.

Was so happy to see Brad's shoot for Details, love Details, and thought he did a great job with that shoot!

Well, next week is the season finale and our anniversary party. Can't wait to see it and share that incredible evening with you! And there is a pretty good surprise at the party, if I do say so myself.
Disturbingly Life Consuming

Thanks for watching!

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