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Of Love and Lasagna

Episode 3:'s Associate Editor breaks down Brad's best pearls of wisdom.

This week the life lessons extended well beyond the fashion world. We learned about Italian culture, driving in LA, and growing up gay. Unfortunately it's not always rainbows and bowties in Brad's world.

On a side note, my fellow editors think I need to keep a running count of how many times Brad cries each episode. I got to two and then lost count, so suffice it to say there was an abundance of tears this week.

Of Love and Lasagna

Always, always compliment an Italian mother's cooking. I won't even waste time setting up the scenario, because if by chance you're reading this and happen to be eating lasagna that an Italian mother prepared for you, you should currently be making noises of approval or assuring her that this is certainly the best lasagna you've ever tasted. Learn from Debby and Mandy's mistakes, people! Luckily they had Brad and Gary there to run interference for them so they could get some compliments before the dishes were cleared. If they hadn't, this momentous meeting ten years in the making could have gone horribly awry.


Let's just say Brad's new assistant, Lindsay, is not exactly comfortable behind the wheel. To be fair, when your only previous driving experience was in a small town in South Carolina and then you're thrown into LA traffic, there's probably going to be a bit of a learning curve. Though I was kind of confused as to why her GPS kept rerouting her. Was she driving in circles? Was SIRI playing a cruel joke on her? Was there nowhere to pull over so she could get her bearings? And I'm pretty sure yelling at the GPS to give you the right directions isn't going to fix the problem.

The lesson here is always leave incredibly early for your first day of work. Better to drive around in circles killing time than drive around in circles being hopelessly lost.

And hey, at least she didn't get into an accident!

"It Wasn't All Color Blocking and Glitter"

Brad really went deep this week and revealed some very personal parts of his past. Honesty is the best policy (especially when penning a memoir), and Brad wasn't holding back anything, from his struggles with growing up gay to his previous issues with drugs and alcohol. The hardest thing to hear about was the "un-gaying" therapy. Truly heartbreaking. (And not just because super masculine toys are such a snooze. Let Brad play with the Barbie!)

But the silver lining is that Brad's overcome all of that adversity and gone on to achieve everything he had dreamed of, all while being openly gay. Hurrah! It really does get Bradder (sorry, I couldn't help it).

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