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Sex Sells

Episode 2:'s Assistant Editor breaks down Brad's best pearls of wisdom.

Brad took New York by storm, and we were treated to hot (yet straight) male fashion editors, "dangerous" fashion, and some tears. Just another day in the life of an up-and-coming stylist. Let's see what lessons we've learned from Mr. Goreski's quest to build a business this week. 

Sex Sells

So why exactly do people seek out stylists to dress them? Brad has the answer -- they want to get laid. And even if you're in a committed relationship (like Brad), that doesn't mean you no longer care for attention. As he astutely points out, "Sometimes you just want to put out your tits, cinch in your waist, and stick your ass out." 

Oh and remember, always look cute.

A Taste for Fashion

While wearing a cute outfit and staying fit are all helpful in standing out from the styling competition, the most important quality you've got to have is good taste. Without that you don't stand a chance. 

As far as Brad's taste when styling menswear, he recommends you always be sure to get suits tailored to your body. The extra $50 or $60 goes a long way in taking you from drab to fab. And since men don't generally have a lot of options when it comes to accessorizing, be sure to have fun with your ties. Don't be afraid of bright colors and bold patterns. 

Hold On

Being put on hold may seem like a definite no, however do not despair! Brad was put on hold while waiting to hear back from Details and it was perhaps the most nerve-wracking few minutes ever. I hadn't felt such anxiety since waiting to hear whether I passed my driving test. But he did in fact get it (whew!) and then... cried? Tears of joy to be sure, but still it was a rather unexpected reaction. It looked like even Gary was surprised by his sobs.  

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