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The More Male Models the Merrier

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor breaks down Brad's best pearls of wisdom.

Between the picky editors from the Details shoot to Brad's daddy issues, this was a hard week for our little stylist that could. However let us reap the benefits (and major eye candy moments) from Brad's travails and see what lessons we've learned this week. 

Two Male Models are Better Than One

Brad seemed to be on such a role with his color story shoot for Details. And then came the red coat. Now call me crazy, I thought the red coat looked awesome. I was kind of into the big collar (think of how useful that would be on a bitingly cold winter's day in New York), although I will say that editor was fairly apt in her fortune cookie comparison. But who doesn't like fortune cookies? Especially when they house a hot male model. 

Luckily Brad came up with the genius idea of trying the coat on the other ridiculously attractive male model. To be honest it looked equally good on both of them in my eyes, but I enjoyed every moment of watching them take off their shirt to switch coats, so win-win. And everyone was pleased with the results, hooray! The lesson here -- you need not only clothing options, but also model options. The more attractive male models you have on hand the better. 

Working with Two Famous Male Models
Compromise is Hard

Brad and Gary are a great couple, there's no denying that. They may be like 'The Odd Couple' in certain ways but, they balance each other out. Planning this big anniversary party however really brings their differences to the surface. For example, Brad's menu wish list includes cupcakes, candy bars, chocolate cookies, and ice cream sandwiches. Gary's requests? French fries, pasta, and lentil soup. Yes, you read that correctly, lentil soup. Needless to say their party planner has his hands full. Will there be some sort of pasta with Reese's Pieces in it? Or perhaps a lentil soup served with a chocolate chip cookie wedge? Who can say. After ten years though, I hope they can reach a compromise that blends Brad's girly sleepover dreams with Gary's chic, sophisticated, lentil soup laden affair.

A Big Girly Slumber Party
The Cry of Victory

And while this wasn't revealed on the show, it was such a critical piece of wisdom that I couldn't withhold it from you. The key to ratings success (and the reason behind Brad's copious tears) is simple -- T.P.E. Or for those of you not in the know, tears per episode. I'll let the experts explain.

Tears Per Episode
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