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Tom And Kathy, Sittin' In A Tree?

Tom shares the real reason he is single.

It's fun being on the road with Kathy. It's like hanging out with my buddies when I was fourteen or fifteen years old. She is comedy, and I am a huge fan of comedy. Our relationship is is probably more like brother-sister. I would say brother-brother, but I guess that'd be a little weird cause she's a lady.

Before I even met Kathy, I loved comedy. Kathy and I willl sit and talk about music and old comedy together. I love that given that I'm a certain age, I can appreciate some of the things that she talks about. Jessica and Tiffany are a little young and don't know who certain people are, like Don Rickels. Kathy and I can trade Don Rickels fodder back and forth.

Could I ever see myself with Kathy? Well, I just want to see myself with anybody -- at some point. Kathy and I together would be funny. She would probably put up with me for about a week. And I wouldn't have a job anymore, and I'd probably get a lot of hate mail from her. No -- she's not that type. She wouldn't give me hate mail. But, I won't have a job anymore -- I know that much.

Well I have dated a few people, but I need to get my life together first. I haven't dated in a long time because, like Kathy, I have high standards. The difference between Kathy and I is that I have high standards,  but the girl has to have a low standards, whereas Kathy kind of works both ways. If a guy has high standards, he'll be happy with Kathy. I'm kind of looking for the impossibility though.

I have been hurt with relationships in the past. I think anybody who reaches a certain maturity or age, and you're doing it right, you'll at least open yourself up to that. And nine times out of ten, you're going to get stepped on. So yeah, I've been hurt, but it's actually good because it makes me appreciate what I'm really look for.

My last serious relationship was probably about six years ago, and that lasted about three years. The reason it ended was, probably like most relationships, I wasn't ready to get more serious, and actually she wasn't either, but she kept telling me she was. Now I look back, and it's a good thing that that ended...or there would be divorce papers now.

I used to get lonely, but now I think I've just gotten so old that it doesn't really matter anymore. I mean when I was younger I got lonely, but now I kind of enjoy the fact that I'm single because I see people. I see people get in relationships or marriages that shouldn't have, and I'm kind of glad because, like I said, I dodged a bullet on a few things. And thank God I did because I would be one of those unhappy people in a bad relationship right now. Until the right girl comes along, I'm just going to enjoy myself just being free right now. I'm certainly not anti-relationship. I just know now that I shouldn't run off just because somebody looks hot. I shouldn't just run off and try to pretend that there's a relationship there when there isn't.

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