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Here We Go Again

Jessica reflects on her on-air drunkeness.

OK -- so here we go again. Another season under our belt. I have to admit besides the long hours and constant non-stop travel, we went to some amazing places that I never thought I'd ever have the chance to visit in my life. But let's start with Episode One where it's obvious I had a little too much to drink ....

Of course we were all excited to meet hottie Anderson Cooper and he was so laid back and cool, which I have to say was unexpected and a pleasant surprise. I was NOT excited about such a big crowd (I'm small so I get stepped on a lot) and was terrified of getting lost or separated from the rest of Team Griffin, but Tiff made sure to keep a close eye on me. We were joking that she should've had me on a leash like how parents do with their kids.

Anyway, as the night began, the excitement grew and the temperature lowered (it was freezing!) but I had never done the "New Years Eve in NYC" thing so I was bewildered. Since we had a drinking game in place, I was anxious to start drinking thinking it would help calm my nerves.

So Tiff and I went into the lounge bar area and ordered some shots, met gays that were fans, and began drinking and taking pictures. I guess this is where I should mention that earlier in the day I had taken my anti-anxiety medication and had COMPLETELY forgotten about it.

So mix that with 5 shots (the 5th one is what did me in) and my small frame, one could say I was TRASHED. I had no intention of getting that drunk and making a fool of myself on national television, but hey, it happened, and I own it.

Watching this episode I realize I don't remember half of it. I remember being upset that the streets were messy and hard to walk in i..e. me mentioning that "this was a damn mess."

However, I don't remember laying in Kathy's lap with trying her best to be maternal and make sure I was OK instead of making fun of me (I got that later -- don't worry). Don't remember Tiff dragging me off the couch and or me saying to no to saying "Hi" to Maggie, Kathy's Mom. I do remember laying in the hallway in attempt stop the spinning and I also remember needing help getting in the elevator. I knew if I didn't sit on the floor, I would throw up in the elevator because of the movement. I feel sickly in an elevator even when completely sober.

Needless to say the night didn't end well for me and I for sure need to give a big shout out to Tiff and Tom who took very good care of me that night and it was a messy not-so-fun end to the night, so thanks guys!!!!

P.S. After that I would like everyone to know I stopped drinking. I learned my lesson.

P.P.S. I LOVE that Maggie was standing up for me on the phone with Kathy about my drunken behavior. GO MAGGIE!

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