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S4 - E7

Busted in Bora Bora

Kathy wants her mom to check out some retirement homes, but Maggie won't listen. Luckily Kathy's nephew, JP, and niece, Claire, are coming into town and grandma always listens to them. So with her partners in crime, Kathy thinks she may be able to convince her mom to at least give Villa Gardens a try. Meanwhile, Kathy's got two tickets to paradise -- but she needs two more and she doesn't want to pay for them. In fact, she doesn't want to pay for anything as she and Team Griffin head down to Bora Bora for what can only be described as a once-in-a-gay-lifetime experience. Kathy has been invited to appear at a special gay retreat being held at an all-inclusive luxury resort in Bora Bora. What could be nicer than to be adored by 60 gays who have paid top dollar for the privilege of breathing the same Polynesian air as Kathy? But there's a catch. She must do two stand-up performances and stop by a resort event for a "surprise" visit so she can mingle among her fans like a real person. Problem is, this gay retreat is actually 40% straight (at least)! With odds like that it's no wonder Kathy bombs at her first performance.

Aired: 07/24/2008