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S4 - E2

Home Is Where The Profit Is

Kathy's assistant's assistant, Tiffany, and her tour manager, Tom, are here to stay -- but what do we really know about them? Kathy may be starting her staff background checks a year late, but you never can be too careful about employees found on MySpace or those who have been so quickly promoted from dog-walker/roommate to tour manager. Kathy's decided that the best way to really get to know her new staff is to visit their hometowns. Kathy's booked two stand up gigs -- one in Tom's hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, and one in Tiffany's hometown of Tracy, California. She will meet their families and milk her own publicity machine by throwing them into the local media spotlight. Tom and Tiffany better work the "local hero" angle to sell tickets. Kathy meets Tom's beat cop brother, Bill, and the mayor of St. Louis, who declares it "Tom Vize Day?" And what about sweet, giggly Tiffany? Tickets aren't exactly moving for Kathy's show in the sleepy cow town of Tracy, so Tiffany is going to have to hustle. Kathy's Emmy win has given her award fever so she decides to go for a Grammy. Hell, if Obama, Clinton, and even Woz can win one, they must be giving them away. So Kathy makes plans to record a live CD of her stand up. Kathy also meets with Bon Jovi's cousin, who is an expert in merchandising, to discuss why t-shirts sales are so low at her performances. Safe to say, it's going to involve Team Griffin hustling like they never have before in order to get those sales up.

Aired: 06/19/2008