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S4 - E5

Otters, Cubs and Bears.. Oh my!

Kathy's assistant, Jessica, her assistant's assistant, Tiffany, and her tour manager Tom have become so famous that they're doing their own class at The Learning Annex on how to be a celebrity assistant. Meanwhile, Kathy's mom, Maggie, is spending more time at Kathy's house because she needs supervision thanks to an issue she's having with her balance. And while she loves her mom, her conservative opinions are driving Kathy nuts. Besides, the wine bill has tripled. So what's a daughter to do? Give Maggie her very own gay. While Kathy's traveling, she's worrying about her Mom home alone, so she's asked one of her sober gays, Patrick, to stop in to check on Maggie. But a daily check in has blossomed into a full-blown May/December romance (never mind that he's gay and she's straight and pushing 90) -- Patrick is showing Maggie a good time. Between shopping, intimate dinners and trips to the acupuncturist, Kathy's not sure what to make of this new arrangement, but mostly she's upset that Maggie has stolen her gay. Kathy's loveable mutts are also driving her crazy. Chance and Pom-Pom have stopped snacking on the sofa because with all of these extra people in the house there are more treats to beg for. Kathy can't get them to come when she calls anymore and no one seems to care, so she's going to enlist the help of A-List trainer (and Emmy loser), Cesar Millan. Later, Kathy takes Woz to The Bear Ball in San Francisco. This is her chance to introduce Woz to her family -- thousands of gay men with big bellies and back hair.

Aired: 07/03/2008