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S4 - E10

Red, White And Don't Be Blue

Troop-loving Kathy has been to Afghanistan and Iraq to entertain our men and women in uniform, and along the way, she's acquired a new fan base of soldiers that stand out in her crowd of regular fans. Now that some of the troops are back stateside, Kathy tries her best to help lift their spirits and heal through laughter. She visits the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., where many soldiers are recuperating from horrific injuries. Kathy tours the hospital -- listening and laughing -- and sees what's on the minds of these brave men and women. Kathy also visits the wives, husbands and families of these injured soldiers at Fisher House, a residential complex near the center that provides free housing to families who have traveled great distances to visit their loved ones in the hospital. Kathy knows that these are the forgotten casualties of war -- the husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and children who have left their homes, jobs and school to come visit and support the ones they love.
Aired: 08/14/2008