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S5 - E10


Kathy’s season long quest to claw her way to the A-List culminates in the exciting news that she has been selected to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After giving Maggie and Team Griffin the good news and heading down to Hollywood Blvd to scout locations for her star, Kathy gets a letter and realizes that it is the Palm Springs Walk of Fame she has been selected for. Desperate for publicity at her Palm Springs star dedication, Kathy calls her mentor, Suzanne Somers, and invites her to the ceremony. Ms. Somers unfortunately can’t make it, but offers to throw a fancy dinner party in her honor. Kathy accepts even though Ms. Somers is known for her healthy organic cooking and wonders how she can make it through an entire dinner without diet soda. Kathy and the gang head out to the desert to hang out with Ms. Somers at her peaceful compound where they chat about her long career, pick healthy vegetables from the garden and make a phone call to Barry Manilow to see if maybe he can make it to the dedication. He says he can’t. With no celebrities scheduled to attend, Kathy and Team Griffin brainstorm ways to get some star power at her Palm Springs star dedication. They decide to go on a Palm Springs celebrity homes tour to see if they can stop at any A-List homes and offer an invite, including leaving a note outside of Carol Channing’s front door. Anticipation is in the air when Kathy, Team Griffin and fans gather in downtown Palm Springs for the unveiling of Kathy’s star. Will any famous faces show up for Kathy’s big moment?

Aired: 08/10/2009