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S5 - E3

Grammy Shmammy

The big day has finally arrived – it’s Grammy time. Will schmoozing (and desperately begging) everyone from Lily Tomlin to Charo finally get a musical playmate for Kathy Griffin’s two lonely Emmys? It’s not looking good. Instead Kathy is back on her beloved D-List. Alone. And Grammy-less. After moping around the house in her pajamas for a week, Kathy receives a care package from the ultimate comfort food queen herself, Paula Deen. Kathy, who made a friend in Deen a few years ago, opens the package to find an invite from Paula to visit Savannah for some much-deserved R&R. So Team Griffin – with nemesis/pal Michael MacDonald tagging along -- head to Georgia for some comfort, chicken and grits. Paula welcomes the group to her home with open arms, shows them around the sprawling estate and then instigates an impromptu cooking challenge, where Paula is forced to salvage dinner. Spirits are lifted and arteries are buttered, and for a shining Savannah moment, Kathy forgets that she is still a Grammy loser.

Aired: 06/22/2009