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S5 - E2

I Heart Lily Tomlin

All of Kathy Griffin’s scheming to snag a Grammy nomination worked! Her CD (which happens to be titled “For Your Consideration”) earns a Grammy nod for Best Comedy Album. But being nominated is just the beginning of Kathy’s master plan. To prove she’s finally made it on the A List, Kathy must accomplish what only two other women in history have done - nab that Grammy. With the help of Team Griffin – tour manager Tom, assistant Tiffany and mom Maggie -- Kathy begins cold calling former Grammy winners at their homes to solicit votes. Dubbed Kathy’s “Grammy Telethon” -- not unlike the Jerry Lewis Telethon – Team Griffin spreads the word about Kathy’s incredible need to win a Grammy. Kathy also enlists her housekeeper to the cause to garner support for the Hispanic Grammy vote. Kathy’s obsession takes her all the way to Canada for a meeting with comedy legend, Lily Tomlin. Being one of only two women to have won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album, getting Ms. Tomlin’s endorsement can only help the cause.

Aired: 06/15/2009