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S5 - E5

Maggie's Bucket List

Antsy to get back on the horse after failing to win a Grammy, Kathy Griffin concocts another scheme to rocket her to the A List. What can she do to up the ante? Kathy decides to write a tell-all book about her friends, loved ones and Ryan Seacrest. Knowing that her mother, Maggie, is going to be all over her tell-all book, Kathy decides to soften the blow by granting Maggie a series of wishes -- a “bucket list” of things Maggie wants to do before she dies. Maggie’s wishes put her face to face with Hollywood legends Betty White, Stefanie Powers and Don Rickles. But no wish list for Maggie would be complete without a trip to the California wine country. With friends Michael McDonald and Nicole Sullivan from Mad TV along for the ride, Team Griffin goes on a madcap journey to parts north of Los Angeles (Santa Ynez Valley), where Maggie partakes in the sweet, sweet nectar of Chardonnay. But it’s Kathy who will get the last word as she plots for the adventure to become another chapter in her future Pulitzer Prize winning book.

Aired: 07/06/2009