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S5 - E9

Official Book Club Selection

Kathy gets word that the famed Madame Tussauds wants to create a wax figure in Kathy’s likeness for their Las Vegas museum. She is overjoyed and feeling her D List status rise. Kathy also gets to work on her highly anticipated memoir. To prepare, she meets with one of her favorite authors, Jackie Collins, for advice on how to make the memoir steamy. Later, Kathy flies to New York for a photo shoot for the book cover. While there, Kathy takes some time out to stalk Oprah's best friend Gayle King, hoping to enlist her help in getting Oprah approve the book for her book club. Kathy then has meeting where she pitches chapter titles to her Random House editors. Apparently what Kathy wants may not be what the professionals at Random House have in mind. Random House does, however, set up a meeting for Kathy with another author...Salman Rushde. They bond over infuriating large groups of religious nut jobs and talk about the fatwa placed on him by the leader of Iran. Kathy suspects the entire Bible belt might have a fatwa out on her. So she decides that to help book sales she needs to smooth things over with the south. Kathy books a commercial for one of the region's favorite foods - fried chicken. While filming the commercial, Kathy eats dozens of boneless chicken wings and badgers the chicken executives for a free chicken for life card.

Aired: 08/03/2009