Rosie and Gloria and Griffin...Oh My!

Rosie and Gloria and Griffin...Oh My!

Season 5 |
Aired: July 13, 2009

Sick and tired of being looked down upon by celebrities with multiple homes, Kathy decides it's time to buy a second home of her own. Kathy, tour manager Tom, and assistant Tiffany head out on a mad capped road trip to Miami’s Star Island in search of the perfect status pad.

While in Miami, Kathy meets up with superstar A Listers Rosie O Donnell and Gloria Estefan. Its Kathy’s dream come true as the threesome are constantly swarmed by paparazzi and adoring fans wherever they go.

All hell breaks loose when Kathy talks Gloria into letting her run one of her hotels for a day. What should be a simple lesson of how to run a front desk devolves into Kathy offering guests sexual favors, giving away free Gloria Estefan concert tickets and putting some drunken frat boys in their place.

Later, Kathy plays hardball negotiating for her dream pad -- with help from Gloria and Rosie.

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