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S6 - E3

Freezing My A-List Off

Kathy Griffin lands a stand up gig in Anchorage, Alaska, and with her mom, Maggie’s, fancy new retirement digs and growing wine bill, Kathy takes the gig. Besides, this gives her a change to visit her hunky man-boy-toy escort, Levi Johnston, in his natural habitat. Kathy and Team Griffin head to Wasilla where they take in all the sights with Levi. Levi is so ecstatic to have such A-list company in the midst that he can hardly express it in words. Immediately, Kathy wants to go in search of Sarah Palin. On board for the antics, Levi takes Kathy to places where they might find Sarah, ultimately ending their journey at the Palin compound, but alas, Kathy does not come face to face with Sarah. Next, the gang tries ice fishing and dog sledding. Later, they head to dinner with Levi’s manager/agent/publicist to discuss Levi’s extended 15 minutes. The trip ends with Kathy and Levi visiting gay bars so Levi could study up on the gay culture he didn’t realize was right under his nose. And if by coincidence this helps boost ticket sales for Kathy's show the next night – that’s okay, too.

Aired: 06/29/2010