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S6 - E7

Getting My House in Order

Kathy and Team Griffin have been working their butts off and it is beginning to show. Kathy hasn’t had the time of day to cater to anything personal like the renovations of her house. Kathy decides to spend the day in Palm Springs with her friend, Insider host Lara Spencer, who is also an interior designer. The women have a plan for Kathy's new décor and it involves a very gay theme, making Palm Springs the perfect backdrop to find all they need to furnish the house. Back in Los Angeles, Kathy’s beloved dog, Chance, dies suddenly. He had been fighting cancer but had been doing so well lately. Kathy is devastated, but her devastation quickly turns to concern for the surviving Pom Pom. She makes sure Pom Pom gets the support he needs after losing his beloved companion and partner in crime. Kathy soon realizes that she has another issue on her hands -- Tom’s reaction to Ambien has resulted in nightly Ambien sleepwalking eating episodes. In his sleep, Tom eats all of Kathy’s favorite junk food. Later, Kathy must turn her attention back to her house remodel and enlists her mom Maggie's help to sell their used goods at a local flea market. The episode ends with an A-List reveal of Kathy’s home. Kathy finally gets the gay Palm Springs bachelor pad she’s always wanted.

Aired: 07/27/2010