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S6 - E5

Kathy Goes to Washington

Kathy Griffin gets a call from the president of the Human Rights Council who tells her she is being honored with the Ally For Equality award at the annual HRC dinner. At the dinner, Kathy runs into some of her favorite stars and A-Listers including financial idol Suze Orman. When California senator Barbara Boxer speaks at the event about Don't Ask Don't Tell and why it's so important to fight for its repeal, Kathy decides she wants to do whatever she can to help the cause. The next day Kathy and Team Griffin head to Washington. Kathy gets the opportunity to meet with some of the soldiers she is fighting for. She meets the first soldier to be wounded in the Iraq war, originally honored then discharged due to the Don't Ask Don't Tell policies. Kathy is moved and energized. Kathy makes her case to Congress and things go as well as can be expected. But this doesn’t mean Kathy’s work in Washington is done. Boosted by the adrenaline rush from speaking in front of a bunch of old and weathered politicians, Kathy gets an idea to build even more support and sends out an urgent tweet for all of her followers to come to D.C. to help stage a peaceful but powerful protest on the mall. With the help of her fans, she plants over 13,000 American flags in the ground -- each one representing a soldier's career ruined by Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Aired: 07/13/2010