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S6 - E6

Kathy's Smear Campaign

  Kathy Griffin begins another busy week reviewing her agenda with Team Griffin. Her big show at Madison Square Garden is just around the corner. Kathy's assistant, Tiffany, reminds Kathy of the slew of invitations she has from countless charity organizations. Kathy does want to do something for women’s health, and cooks up the idea to do a public pap smear as a publicity stunt with a positive message. If Kathy can have a Pap smear poolside at a swanky Los Angeles hotel, then surely the average woman can have one at her doctor’s office. In Manhattan, Kathy poses for high-end fashion photographer, Mike Ruiz. He wants to shoot her transformed into the redhead Bettie Page. Kathy agrees to do it, if he’ll shoot some shots for her for her Pap smear event. Kathy poses in a sexy nurses outfit holding a speculum. With the economy being what it is, ticket sales are low, so Kathy has to go into self-promotion mode and does the media rounds. She does Joy Behar's show, and after their taping, Joy and Kathy go out for a bite. Thanks to Kathy's press push, the Madison Square Garden show is a hit and Kathy is charged for the big Pap smear event that awaits back her in Los Angeles. First she decides to meet with a group of women from the National Cervical Cancer Coalition to learn the science behind this important issue. They share their heartfelt stories as cancer survivors of how getting tested ultimately saved their lives. Cervical cancer can be detected early on and easily cured. Kathy presents her idea of the public Pap smear, explaining her good intentions – and their eyes widen at the idea. The risks of creating a spectacle seem to outweigh the positives for their organization. Kathy admits that if she were Cameron Diaz, she could get press just going into a doctor’s office, but on the D-List, you’ve got to make some noise to be heard. To prepare for the big stunt, Kathy gets her private girl parts waxed and va-jazzled (decorated with gem stones). Kathy is thrilled by the stars and arrows that decorate the southern regions of her bangin’ bikini bod. Kathy is excited to share the news of her efforts with her mother, Maggie. Maggie is horrified. Good intentions aside, Maggie’s convinced that Kathy has finally pushed it too far. At the poolside of the Palomar Hotel, a group of women gather around the stage. Dr. Gisler of the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine greets the crowd and speaks about the importance of getting regular pap smears. Kathy arrives to the stage and the very first live Pap smear makes gynecologic history.

Aired: 07/20/2010