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S6 - E2

Toddlers and Remodelers

Kathy Griffin's Hollywood Hills house is in chaos as everyone preps for a big remodel. Kenny Davis, Kathy's new A-List designer, talks her through all the fabulous changes he is going to make and his big plans have Kathy's head spinning. She is taken aback a little bit every time Kenny shouts "DREAM BIG!" A week later, Kenny Davis is back at the house loaded with drawings, plans and samples. When Kathy tells Maggie about the remodel, Maggie thinks it's outrageous to remodel a perfectly nice house. Kathy finds this ironic given that Maggie has no problem with the big bucks Kathy is paying to rent Maggie's fancy, new retirement place. Construction begins – and with no clear plan – and Kathy turns her life upside-down by packing up and moving everyone into a furnished rental house that is much smaller than her palatial pad. Later, Kathy has a surprise announcement: Team Griffin will be guest judges at the upcoming California Gold Coast Toddler Pageant. Kathy is in heaven at the pageant for all the wrong reasons. She hates kids but these girls seem more like mini grown ups, plus they have a lot of free beauty advise to share, like the secretes of the perfect "up-do" and spray tan.

Aired: 06/22/2010