Company Policy... And London Fashion Week Celebrates 25!

Company Policy... And London Fashion Week Celebrates 25!

"What happened on this episode was a testament to what not to do in the work place."

Just to be clear there is a lack of understanding, knowledge and common sense with this current generation of people just graduating college. Most of them feel they are above doing certain jobs and that they don't need to pay their dues -- some lack attention to detail and others just plainly don't care.

What happened on this episode was a testament to what not to do in the work place. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and not do things to jeopardize their jobs, if they actually really want one. It seems people have this heir of being over-privileged, yet fully under-qualified to perform the necessary tasks. First, who goes away on a company trip as an assistant and doesn't just "assist?"

When I started I was basically what all of the staff are calling slaves in this episode as well, but that's what you have to do to begin. It's all about paying your dues and you do that with lots of humility, charm, sophistication and diligence and if not, you will never survive. And then on top of not serving you stay out until 7am and drink alcohol and get involved with people who steal from the hotel we are staying at? I mean, doesn't this seem a bit outlandish and ridiculous? Was there really that much lack of common sense? What kind of company would ever condone this behavior? So my message is to be smart, take your job seriously and take control of all actions and decisions as they are responsible for the growth and demise or lack of your career. Just a few kind words that may be useful for all of you people looking to break into the fashion PR business.

On another note, I was so happy for NYC fashion week to have come to a close and go to London for their 25th Anniversary! I love London and I get to not only handle the press for Fashion Week by bringing American media to London, but work on a few shows while there, one being one of my closest friends, Henry Holland, which turned out AMAZING. Of course, always proud of him and his fun and quirky approach to fashion.

There will be a lot more fun times in London STAY TUNED FOR NEXT TIME while People's Revolution continues on their adventures.

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