I'm Going to Put Pajamas On

I'm Going to Put Pajamas On

"...and what does the designer do?! STIFF US for our fee. NOT COOL."

Well I must say, I both laughed and winced watching this episode! My goodness…First of all, I just want to discuss something that anyone outside of our business might be a bit perplexed about -- the scene where I walk off in the middle of a conversation at work -- to put pajamas on! Haha, even I thought it looked a little kooky watching now.

For all of us at People’s Revolution, Fashion Week is not just one literal week -- it is basically about three very LONG weeks -- as the prep time in the 2 weeks leading up to the actual shows is really our busiest time of each fashion season. We all practically live in the office and we don’t have a day off for what seems like forever. I usually have at least 3 pairs of shoes under my desk, including heels for emergency party dressing, and flats so I have something to change into AFTER the show or party. I’ve always got a few extra bags of clothes laying around, with different types of outfits -- some comfy clothes for late nights at work and dressy outfits for meetings and events, and of course plenty of black tights and black tank tops – essentials to keep on hand at all times.

That being said, the day you see me go change into what I call pajamas (Alternative Apparel sweats, of course), what you don’t see is that I worked FOUR fashion shows that day and was extremely exhausted -- not to mention the fact that just a few hours after that, I had to go work an after-party for the shows that happened earlier that day! No rest for the weary. And that is why I walk off and change clothes – I literally did only have a chance to be in comfortable clothes for a few hours before I needed to throw on another Mara Hoffman dress and head out on the town…

Now onto the next subject… Mr. Petrou. All I really want to say about it is that as a professional in the industry, a designer should know the proper etiquette when dealing with the media. There are a few publications that matter the most and can indeed make or break your career, and at the top of that list is Women’s Wear Daily (or more specifically, WWD Men’s, in this case). The fact that he was rude to the editor was just humiliating – for HIM. We did a great job and got editors from top publications such as GQ, WWD, Esquire, V, AOL, Gap Japan etc. to come STRICTLY based on our personal relationships with them -- and what does the designer do?! STIFF US for our fee. NOT COOL.

On the subject of Vorhees, I think my conversation with my sister Miriam (who lives in Minnesota but is familiar with our staff) pretty much summed up my frustration. And her response was the best - she said that ANY HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE should be able to complete the tasks that V was messing up! I mean, seriously, I just was over it and it was obvious that I was at the brink of madness. It really is important for us to have a good, strong, SMART support system and this season it was just not working out that way. Skinner can not do everything… Robyn, Kelly and I have to deal with the clients and run all around town and if we don’t have good help, everybody suffers. That is what is happening here…

Signing off for now…Emily, AKA The Slayer

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