"Finally our show hits the air so we can rock our nicknames – watching the Jersey Shore kids made me want to scream – Snooki is not the only one with a nickname!!!!"


Why did I agree to “KELL ON EARTH” as a title for our show? I mean really c’mon – it is super close to hell which only propels this whole dark side thing. Truth be told I was hoping it would be more like Goddess of the Real Deal, but NO!!!!!!! Bravo - that guy, his voice - "this week coming up... meet Kelly Cutrone, Queen of the Fashion PR World. Some people call her mean, one person calls her Mom" – who is this man? Where does he come from? Ava, my daughter, makes her debut on the show as I watch half of America reel at the fact that I have a daughter. UGH but gotta love stereotypes.

On Stephanie Vorhees – this episode we get to meet Stephanie Vorhees who literally makes it seem as if she never held a PR job before despite the fact that she worked at BWR - Baker Winokur Ryder, a celebrated PR firm. She is always complaining, never executing the job. I mean the short shorts are, well, really not appropriate for the work place.

On Serrano the Drug Dealer – People’s Revolution does not advocate drug use (with the exception of caffeine) – I was floored and flew off my chair when I saw this footage. Props to Skinner for staying strong and being the everygirl America needs to love. I am sure her mother is proud that Skinner has become a campaign poster child for Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No campaign.

On David Delfin – the woman opening his show is Eleonora Bose - she modeled for Tom Ford’s Gucci campaigns. She is a mom too!!! Her Uncle Miguel Bose is one of the most celebrated and famous singers in Spain. Do not drink Tequila with the Spanish designers at The Beatrice Inn – very bad idea. Tequila is like wine in Spain.

WE WANT NICK NAMES – Finally our show hits the air so we can rock our nicknames – watching the Jersey Shore kids made me want to scream – Snooki is not the only one with a nickname!!!! Robyn Berkley – Snow White with Razor Blades – love this moniker as she has the blackest hair, uber fair skin, lovely blue eyes and an uncanny ability to lower the boom. Bungert – is the Slayer – I am impressed by her lack of regard or concern for society’s expectations – she does what she wants when she wants and well frankly she is a blast having a blast!!! Skinner – is Junior Wolf with sharp teeth GRRRRRR!!!!

On ANDREW MUKAMAL –  the reincarnation of Wednesday Adams!!!! I decided to do my part for all the gay rock and roll boyz out there – he is easy on the eyes, hysterical in the halls and well, a damn good straight cross dresser... He blurs the line on skirts and corsets and is a great date at a Rick Owens Sample Sale. I really want everyone to start a Charticle – a listed time of how many names and designers he name drops in every episode. As for his Pink outfit – well it was a lollipop treat to Ava, my daughter and Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy – oh he has so many things to remember in his style bible life. REPEAT – WE LOVE ANDREW WE LOVE ANDREW WE LOVE ANDREW KOE KOE KA CHOO KOE KOE KA CHING!!!

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