Staffing Headaches

Staffing Headaches

"Sometimes the young kids get too caught up in the glamour of it all and forget that they are actually there to DO A JOB."

This week's episode has a lot going on! Two press trips, two firings, more events, more fashion shows...this is typical life at the Revolution!

The first scene cracks me up because Kelly, Robyn and I always go places together to hang out or eat and supposedly RELAX, but still we end up using our BlackBerry's! I think we all can relate to the term "Crackberry"! We never stop - the first thing all of us do in the morning is grab our Berry and start reading emails. Our job is not a typical 9 to 5, it's more of a lifestyle really. Basically we are on call at all hours. Ask any fashion editor if they've received emails from People's Revolution at 1 or 2 AM and I am sure they will all tell you YES!

Not only are we in constant contact with press, but also as the heads of the company, we are always communicating with our clients as well. The only time I personally really shut off to the work world is on the occasional weekends that I get to have off. Between constant traveling for events and dealing with 2 seasons per year of New York Fashion Week (with months in preparation mode), we don't have the typical amount of weekends off, so I really value those rare occasions!! Speaking of a weekend off, I really need to plan a trip home to Minnesota soon...

One of our favorite clients is included in this episode -- Alternative Apparel. Not only is their event featured, but the product appears throughout not only this episode - but EVERY episode! All of those t-shirts you see us wearing are Alternative tees. They really make the absolute most comfortable product - not only tees but also those great draped cardigans you see us all wearing a ton, including Kelly. I am personally obsessed with mine and wear it constantly (in case you're interested it's called the Palm Springs Slub throw-over, if you want to purchase one, go to Their event was a success and it was a fun concept to take everyone out of the city for a quick break. What happened with Elide and Stephanie at the event was pretty ridiculous - it somehow escaped both of them that we were at a work event! Sometimes the young kids get too caught up in the glamour of it all and forget that they are actually there to DO A JOB. This is beyond frustrating and it is quite clear why both of them were dismissed.

That being said, now we are now off to London! I finally got to meet Ava's father, Ilario-- that was a trip! After having known Ava for a few years now, it was interesting to meet Ilario. She does take after him in certain ways. It was fun having him host us around town also, since he was currently living there. He basically was with us every moment of the entire trip! You will see more of this in the next  episode...Until then - hope you are enjoying KELL ON EARTH!!!

Signing Off-

Emily AKA The Slayer.

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