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Team Revolution

"Sometimes I can be difficult to work for because I work at an extremely fast pace and it can be hard to keep up. I want things done in a timely manner and it drives me insane when deadlines are not met."

Hello once again!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain some of the inner-workings here at the Rev that you perhaps have not seen. There is actually a lot of positivity and camaraderie amongst the team that does not come across on-screen very often. We really do enjoy ourselves and have a good time together! Robyn and I have been friends for many years -- we were colleagues at another firm many years ago and kept in contact and did various work projects together over the years.

Robyn, Kelly and I have a great relationship and we do hang out a lot together and travel together often. When you see us out at dinner and Kelly tries to pick up the hot waiter for Robyn -- funny things like this happen all the time when are out and about! Kelly does have a good eye and spots the hot boys and sends them our way. Being a hard-working, career-oriented women - it can be tough to meet guys sometimes, especially because we work in fashion and most of the guys around us are not straight! So kudos to Kelly for thinking of us girls and scoring a hottie for Robyn. LOL.

Stefanie Skinner and I had our first chance to work together as a team last year when I brought her to Miami to help me work on Mara Hoffman's fashion show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. This was during Stefanie's transitional phase out of Kelly's Assistant role and I actually decided to bring her along as sort of a treat and thank you for her hard work. It was her first time EVER taking a business trip AND her first time going to Miami. We worked out of a huge suite at the Gansevoort Hotel on Miami Beach, with an awesome team of interns, AKA "Team Miami." Stefanie had a great time, even with all of the hard work -- she turned the balcony into her personal office and she still talks about it to this day. We ate pizza at night and worked on the seating chart --  this was when the kids came up with my other nickname, "Color-Coded Genius." We did everything for the fashion show -- from the model casting & back-of-house production to the guest list, invitations & seating chart. We were even spray-painting shoes on our balcony! It was very successful and a beautiful show - you can see it online if you are interested: (Resort Swim 2010 Runway). We also managed to find time to go out to nightclubs and dance all night and even spent one day by the pool at the very end. We had a blast! Stefanie and I have a lot of fun together -- we are both Midwestern girls at heart and we love to dance to the same music. I bet a lot of you would be surprised to hear this!

Last year I brought Stef to Los Angeles to work on an event with me and it was her first time going there as well. I even picked her up from the airport myself and when I got there, we were both wearing the same Alternative dress only in different colors! We went out and about in LA, worked another successful event and then I drove her out to the beach on our last day and we went to a great coffee shop in Venice Beach and then to my favorite beach-front seafood restaurant for tropical cocktails. Fun times! Another thing you all don't know is that we have funny psychic moments together all the time, which we dubbed as our own "Psychic Friends Network or PFN." We often wear the same outfits to work on the same day and we have a lot of moments where we type the same thing at the same time to each other, or she answers a question before I even ask it. It's kind of strange and actually freaks people out sometimes!

When it comes to my management style, I actually train and guide the staff much more than what you have seen. Constructive criticism does exist here! You just don't see a lot of it on-screen. Stefanie and I hit a few bumps when we first started out, which is normal. When you work closely with someone, you have to figure out how the other person operates and how you can gel your working styles. Sometimes I can be difficult to work for because I work at an extremely fast pace and it can be hard to keep up. I want things done in a timely manner and it drives me insane when deadlines are not met. I can be tough on the outside, but I am really a softie at heart, I have a goofy sense of humor AND I love our employees. I just want us to do the absolute best job that we can do for our clients and we need to constantly push ourselves and work as a team to garner the best results. That is why we are successful and why people want to work with us - and thus, why I have such high expectations from our staff.

As for Andrew Serrano -- he is a nice kid but he was really not Robyn's first choice as an assistant. She actually needed real help on accounts and he was there in an intermediary capacity until we could find someone with the knowledge required to really work on Robyn's accounts. That is why Robyn was so frustrated most of the time -- she needs someone with experience working with her! Eventually we bring on a new employee to join the team and work with Robyn. Stay tuned to find out who we hire and how it all works out!!! Until next time...


Emily AKA "Color-Coded Genius" AKA The Slayer

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