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Caprice: "I Wasn't Disappointed in Caroline"

Caprice Bourret explains why she was so worked up about Caroline Stanbury (and why she doesn't wear hats). How do you know Julie?
Caprice Bourret: I met her through Annabelle. She suggested that I take a yoga class with her as my hormones were over active during my pregnancy and I needed to just chill out. You said you can relate to being the new kid on the block in London, what was it like for you when you first arrived?
Caprice: I completely understand. When I moved to London it was hard to make friends initially, because I was the Yankee. I was very homesick but stayed because my career was taking off. I was just a girl from a small town in California who used to get excited to go to dinner at the Olive Garden and now I was having dinners at Buckingham Palace. My life changed overnight. I was able to afford things that I could only dream about. If it wasn't for my career, I would have gone home in a second. The Brits are not like us. We are so open to meeting new people, especially from other countries, and engaging in new friendships. It took me years to build my relationships...but I have to say, the friends that I have made in England over the 17 years I have been there are with me for life; they are very loyal, very supportive, and kind -- they're like my family. Why don't you ever wear hats? Which hat was your favorite?
Caprice: Hats look terrible on me!!! Marissa looked adorable in her hat. What do you think the secret to getting good press is?
Caprice: I don't have a secret to getting good press. It is the luck of the draw. One year the press will love you...the next they don't. I had a very private story hit about my children in the second show. I found out that the Sun was intending to print a story that was half true and half very slanderous and hurtful towards my family. Ty and I felt it was best to get in front of the story and tell them the whole truth. In the end, it was the best thing we could have done. We received so much support and love from everyone from the story. There were no repercussions, just everyone celebrating the birth of my two miracle babies. Why were you surprised that Julie and Juliet were from the same place?
Caprice: Of course I was! We have seven ladies that have come together, five from America living in England and two of them happen to be from the same city? The odds of that ever happening were huge. As a result, I am sure they have a lot in common, but they have very different personalities. Why were you so disappointed with Caroline at the hat party?
Caprice: I wasn't disappointed in Caroline. I was literally instigating confrontations with everyone. Thank goodness the cameras didn't get my discrepancies with my gorgeous partner, Ty. He was so patient and understanding with me. God has a real sense of humor when it comes to pregnancy. It is the biggest blessing but also involves overactive, over emotional, irrational hormones! What did you think of the fashion show Annabelle helped put on?
Caprice: Annabelle's fashion show was fantastic. She should be really proud of Were you surprised Caroline was so averse to having the shower at a different venue?
Caprice: Yes of course I was! We've gone from "Knickergate" to "Dramagate" to "Showergate."

[video_clip_url:] Do you think Juliet overreacted to your comments about her conflict with Annabelle? Do you think your message got through?
Caprice: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just didn't happen to agree with her. Yes, I think my message got through to everyone after the 500 times I brought it up, LOL!

[video_clip_url:] Were you relieved when Marissa broke the silence with her question about knickers?
Caprice: It was perfect timing. It was getting a little heated in the car. Were you still able to enjoy the day after you hugged it out with Juliet? Did you bet on any of the horses?
Caprice: Yes! Of course we did! I managed to eat my way through the whole of Sandown. During my pregnancy, I didn't worry about diets or rigorous workouts. I ate everything and the kitchen sink. I loved every second of it. Had you been to Julie's Mapperton estate before?
Caprice: No, I hadn't been to Mapperton Estate. Julie was so excited to have us, and I couldn't wait. Some people have said you have picked up a bit of an English accent.
Caprice: Well, if I have it's because I have lived in England for 17 years. I suppose you are bound to pick up some bad habits.

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