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Noelle on Why She Fell for Scot

Noelle opens up about her relationship with Scot and the Serpentine drama.

By Noelle Reno What made you fall in love with Scot initially?
Noelle Reno: Scot has a confidence and protective nature that seduced me. Remember, I’m living alone in a foreign country. Over the period I've known him his confidence has dwindled as he’s been stripped of his dignity and privacy by all the divorce has brought. Nonetheless, he continues to be massively supportive of me in everything I do and in every aspect of my life. The fact that he is loyal, respectful, and empowering of women is paramount with me. What's been the most difficult part for you in dealing with all the press around your relationship?
Noelle: Judgment of age and looks. I happen to find intelligence, substance, and kindness sexier than a hot body or model-boy looks. I've tried to date guys my age, but I just end up dominating the relationship and that’s not sexy for me. Did you end up taking the apartment you and Scot looked at?
Noelle: No, we got a different one. How does one usually go about getting tickets to the Serpentine? Did Scot just ask for tickets too late?
Noelle: Most people not in the business donate money throughout the year just to get a ticket to the party. Insiders, like us ladies, usually know the "main" brands hosting or the board of directors. I've had so much on my plate this year (new company, moving, break up, etc.) I spaced that I hadn’t received a ticket and should have inquired (before the day of)! What did you think of Caprice's strategy of putting the story about her children out in the press?
Noelle: Caprice has been working with the British media for almost 20 years -- and often to her favor! She knows what she is doing. But it is the British press and she is self-made, so no matter what she does she will be unjustly judged. 

[video_clip_url:] How did you choose your Serpentine look?
Noelle: Since I earn my own money, I really appreciate the value of a dollar (or a pound). Carolina Herrera is chic, timeless, and great value for money. And I love a bright color in the summer! What was your reaction to Juliet's comment that Scot is always around?
Noelle: Call me crazy, but people in love like to spend time together! My brain just doesn’t go to the place of judgment or negativity, so I couldn't tell you. What did Scot end up doing the night of the Serpentine?
Noelle: How cute is he in that scene?! I actually sorted him to go to the pre-opening of Masterpiece Classic, which is a big art/society event in Chelsea, so he had a fun night! He doesn't really care about stuff like being at the "hottest" party, which is exactly why I love him! How was the Serpentine party? Any good stories from that night?
Noelle: On a real level, my highlight was kind of bonding with Matt, Marissa’s husband. I always see her but not so much of him. On a social level, the best thing about Serpentine is you see everyone that you don’t see often but want to touch in with. For me this is typically retail execs and executive fashion editors. I’m not a sicko-fan of celebrities. When I meet them at such events, I am not the girl that then hangs around them all night trying to be best friends!


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