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Sophie Stanbury Was "Heartbroken" That Caroline Stanbury Skipped Her Son's Birthday Party

The #LadiesOfLondon mom found this moment "really, really hard and really painful" to relive.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Sophie Stanbury Reacts to Caroline Stanbury Missing Her Son's Party

Sophie Stanbury threw her son, Finn, an incredible 3rd birthday party in Tuesday night's episode of Ladies of London, filled with balloons, face painting, and puppets. However, this was one home movie that Sophie wasn't looking forward to watching back.

That's because the day was a little tense and awkward, not only because Sophie's ex, Alex Stanbury, was going to be there, but also because it was the first time since they separated that both of their families would be together. "It's really hard to watch big Finn's birthday party because Alex and I were in a bad place when that was being filmed. There were a lot of things we hadn't figured out," Sophie told before the episode aired Tuesday. "I was in a negative place with it, so it's really hard for me to watch it back because now we have worked through those things."

Sophie explained that's why she criticized Alex's parenting during the episode. "The bottom line is, Alex is a great dad, and he does support me, and we are friends, and we're trying to make the best of a bad situation, and that's what our focus is on. And I think to watch this episode, it's like, oh God, it's so negative. It looks really brutal," she said. "And of course, divorce does go through ups and downs, but we're now out the other side, and we're in a good place. So to have to relive that moment is painful."

The Ladies of London mom just doesn't want her sons, Finn and Harry, to see their parents not on such good terms in that episode. "Obviously, I've got little boys. They're not gonna watch the show because they're far too young," Sophie explained. "But I don't want them to look back and see that we were in that place because you want to shelter your children from that sort of thing."

Caroline Clashes with Sophie

To top it all off, Sophie's drama with Caroline Stanbury carried over into her son's birthday celebration when her sister-in-law didn't show up to the party and didn't have her children go, either. "I was really heartbroken that Caroline's children didn't come because I think as adults, we have to compartmentalize things. I was definitely gonna park my issues with Caroline to one side and put the children first," Sophie shared. "The children get on really well together, and so it was odd for them not to be there. I didn't want to unload onto them another negative thing that Daddy was only coming in for the party and [Caroline's sons] weren't gonna be there. Daddy's not gonna come home with Mommy because we don't live together. It was a lot of layering in a really negative situation, so it does make that episode really, really hard and really painful."

Though Sophie may still be working on her relationship with Caroline these days, she is glad that the Stanburys are mostly back to being one big, happy family. "I'm happy to say that the boys 100 percent come first now. My boys are actually with Alex in Dubai now with their cousins having the best time while I'm here. And they're loving it. I spoke to them a half an hour ago, and they're literally, they're so excited and so happy," she said. "So in terms of where we've come with that, the children will always come first. I don't think that will ever happen again, so I'm pleased about that."

These photos of Sophie's boys and the rest of the Ladies of London brood will also put a smile on your face.

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