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Jen's a Heartbreaker

Fabio Viviani doesn't want Jen toying with Jacopo's emotions.

By Fabio Viviani

Hello #TeamFabio! I hope that you had an amazing week because you know that Fabio did. One of the things I try to do with my business and life is to work with people that I am very close to. I think that it makes my life less stressful to work with my friends. However, it can make it a little weird whenever there is a problem and I have to crack the whip a little bit. 

That is the problem that I ran into this week when my caterer shows up 2 HOURS late for the dinner party! I still do not have any idea how that happened because he was coming from the same place as Jacopo and somehow he beat him there. Come on -- does your phone not have Google? There should be no reason for this in the age of the Google! The only thing you can do in a situation like this is to forgive immediately and scold later because you do not want to mess up everyone's time at the party and never give the impression that there is a problem. What is it that I always tell you: being a chef is not about cooking the most delicious food, it is about solving the problems before people even notice it!

Since Jacopo was able to help out, we had no problem getting all the food on the plate before the time even though the food was late. I am pretty sure that Chef Jen Carroll does not mind that I brought super italian mixologist Jacopo Falleni. He is my best friend, but also he’s a sweetheart! Jen, be careful that you do not break his heart. I do not want to be up listening to his 2 a.m. phone conversations about how much he is in love with you but you still do not know how you feel about Chef Spike. You should not tease these men ! Both of them love you so much and you just string them along. How cruel, Jen. How cruel indeed....

Speaking of love birds, I was glad to see Richie and his wife being sweet on each other this week. Richard is so tense all the time. I do not know why... Richie, you won Top Chef! You can relax a little at least. And when I say relax, it doesn’t mean eating nutella and vodka on the couch all day, it just means to breathe and smile while you are doing what you do, Richie. I worry about him under pressure because he stresses way too much. Oh wait, I just figured it out -- you need your own personal life coach like Dean Schaeffer. He has helped me with the same problems.... But get your own life coach, Richie. Dean is mine!

Thanksgiving is coming up real soon and everyone keeps asking me for recipes they can cook for the family this holiday. Lucky for you I have started teasing Thanksgiving recipes early! Head on over to my website to see all the latest Thanksgiving recipes. You can also subscribe to my newsletter there for weekly recipes, wine blogs, and Chow Ciao episodes. My favorite part of my work is engaging with fans who love to cook just as much as I do. I enjoy teaching them to share their love of cooking with their family. So please try cooking the gnocchi and share with me how it goes @fabioviviani on Twitter!

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