Ep 2: No Food Deed Goes Unpunished

Ep 2: No Food Deed Goes Unpunished

Season 1 |
Aired: October 10, 2012

After some last minute schmoozing and boozing in Aspen, the chefs return home. Never one to rest, Fabio dives into production meetings and a charity cooking class at a local church, but when a crazed client chews him out, will Fabio finally lose his trademark cool? Richard checks in on his Flip Burger boutiques and is appalled to discover his staff is lazy, his cooks are clueless, and his reputation is going up in flames. Spike fears his nosy parents will interfere with his new bistro concept, that is, if they ever stop taking jabs at his personal life. Jen’s desperate quest for investors leads her to the Charleston Food & Wine Festival, where she serves up lambs and clams to the culinary elite. After a touching visit with her mom, we see where Jen gets her determination.

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