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S1 - E3

Ep 3: Duck Hearts and French Baguettes

Richard interviews potential chefs for The Spence, only to run into an old enemy. Then, he struggles to get out of the doghouse with his frustrated wife by granting her unsettling birthday wish -- a day at the gun range. Spike heads to Canada for a family wedding and enrages his mother when he shows up late. Jen feels the pressure preparing a charity dinner for Cole Hamels and the Phillies, but with high-profile celebrities and athletes expecting the best, can Jen knock it out of the park? Fabio’s busy schedule is interrupted by the arrival of his Italian mother, who’s got her own advice on how he should be living his life. Along with his life coach, she stages an intervention to set his priorities straight before his stress does him in.

Aired: 10/17/2012