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S1 - E8

Ep 8: First Lady's Choice

In the season finale, it’s the opening day of The Spence and Richard is more on edge than ever as he battles a packed house, his rookie staff, and a broken smoker. Can he live up to the diners’ lofty expectations, or will his dream restaurant go up in smoke?  Meanwhile, Spike and his family make a mad dash to open the doors on Good Stuff Crystal City only to discover that none of their staff knows how to cook their signature burgers. Fabio feels his paternal instincts kick into overdrive as he celebrates with his life coach’s family.  Jen treats her mother with a family trip to the salon. It’s Top Chef déjà vu as the four former cheftestants are summoned one last time to battle it out in a Quickfire-style cook-off for First Lady Michelle Obama.   

Aired: 11/28/2012