Those Designer Sunglasses You've Been Eyeing? They're Majorly Discounted Right Now

Those Designer Sunglasses You've Been Eyeing? They're Majorly Discounted Right Now

We're talking 40% to 80% off Fendi, Saint Laurent, Chloe, Prada, Armani, Marc Jacobs, etcetera, etcetera.

By Katherine Kluznik

Some things are worth investing in: You know, stuff like a good education, your 401K, a home mortgage, that kind of thing. But there’s one less obvious item that I’d like to add to the list of worthy investments: sunglasses.

Yeah, I know — it’s definitely stretching the concept of ‘investing’ a little. (Actually a lot.) But hear me out. Sunglasses — the right sunglasses — might not change your future, but they can change your right now. At least if you use the very convenient logic that I like to apply to splurg-y purchases.

Here’s how it works:

Justification No.1: A pair of designer shades saves tons of money on other things in your wardrobe. How, you ask? Try this test: Slip into your most basic jeans-and-tee outfit and now add a pair of Saint Laurent shades. Instantly, you’re a Real Housewife on the DL rather than the just-rolled-out-of-bed regular human you were a second ago.

Justification No.2: Sunglasses are an effective anti-ager. An A-list dermatologist once told me that wearing sunglasses even when it’s overcast is one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles. No squinting means no lines. Plus, pricier brands have built-in SPF that shields your eyes from sun damage. Honestly, I think the tip sounds like it's at least 80-percent B.S., but if it lets me splurge on a new pair of shades, I’m happy to fool myself.

Justification No.3: Designer sunglasses aren’t actually that expensive. Based on cost-per wear this is definitely true, at least when I frame it right. After all, they are the one item I wear pretty much year round, so a pair that sets me back $365 works out to ... what would that be? ... just a dollar a day! A bargain when you compare it to my coffee habit.

And then there’s the fact that right now, at this very moment, stores are clearing out their designer sunglasses — and everyone from Fendi to Saint Laurent, Chloe to Prada are 40- to 80-percent off.

If that’s not justification enough, just scroll through the 11 mega-discounted designer shades below and decide.

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses


Fendi Sunglasses


Saint Laurent Sunglasses


Prada Sunglasses


Michael Kors Sunglasses


Chloé Sunglasses


3.1 Phillip Lim Sunglasses


Gucci Sunglasses


Balmain Sunglasses


Giorgio Armani Sunglasses


Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

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