The Reported Pricetag on Meghan Markle's Royal Wardrobe Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The Reported Pricetag on Meghan Markle's Royal Wardrobe Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Per the royal rules, the Duchess of Sussex can't accept free clothes — so who is picking up this tab? 

By Adele Chapin

Royal watchers are so tuned into the new Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle's every move — even her eyebrows don't go unnoticed. So, of course there is speculation on the pricetag of her fancy new designer wardrobe. Those Givenchy dresses add up, after all. But the overall cost is still pretty jaw-dropping, if royal expert Katie Nicholl's calculations on Entertainment Tonight are correct: She believes all of Markle's outfits so far add up to $1 million.

That instant classic royal wedding dress accounts for about half, since Nicholl believes that the bespoke Givenchy gown cost around $440,000 and her second Stella McCartney reception dress cost more than $157,000. The rest of the $1 million tab includes all the looks she's been wearing since officially becaming a royal, including those designer day dresses that adhere to all the royal style rules

Who is laying out the cash for all these outfits befitting of royalty? "It does fall now that she is married into the royal family, to the Prince of Wales ... to cover the cost of her working royal wardrobe," Nicholl told ET. "Meghan is now an ambassador for the royal family. Look at the publicity she has brought in run up to the wedding. I'd argue that's worth every penny." 

Still, since Markle isn't allowed to accept free clothes, time will tell if she'll pull a Kate Middleton and become a serial outfit repeater.

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