What the Heck Is Plogging?! This Swedish Fitness Trend Has Amazing Feel-Good Benefits

What the Heck Is Plogging?! This Swedish Fitness Trend Has Amazing Feel-Good Benefits

This is one craze we're totally inspired to try. 

By Jenny Berg

While we'll always have a place in our unicorn-loving hearts for prancercising, it's probably not the most effective workout we can muster. But, a fitness craze with origins in Sweden is one we can totally get behind. Putting aside its slightly silly name, the form of exercise has serious benefits. Not only is it good for your personal health, it's great for the planet. 

To successfully plog, you'll need two things: a great pair of running shoes, and a trash bag. You see, the workout tasks fitness enthusiasts to run through outdoor environments — think beaches, forests, or even their own local parts — while picking up litter. It's kind of genius, right? The workout gives you all kinds of warm-and-fuzzy feelings, plus endorphins. 

You can learn some new Swedish words while you're at it. The trend gets its name from the phrase "plocka upp," which means "picking up trash"; it's mixed in mixed with the word "jogging." Ah, it all makes sense now! 

Take a peek at some fit and happy ploggers, below.

The workout may not be for everyone, especially for newbie runners. (That extra weight of carrying trash can be heavy!) But, for the record, there's nothing wrong with clearing your neighborhood of some plastic bottles and cigarette butts while you're out on a walk, either. We see this trend going places. 

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