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A Real Show

Mountaha describes walking in Montrael Fashion Week.

I’m so happy with my hair. I think this hair has brought my crazy, punk, fun attitude back again.  We’re heading to the studio and I’m not sure what the pic idea is this week. We get to this super nice studio in the city, meet with Tyson, Nicole and this great photographer Indira, and the idea for the shoot is that you have to bring an emotion, your persona within you to the pic and we’ll be posing with a mirror, work with ourselves, and show a lot of emotion. Super interesting. I’m really excited about this shoot and it’s solo -- yay. Indira comes to talk to me and she says that I had to bring my feminine, sexy side of me to the pic because I’m this tough punk girl. The shoot went really good! I really felt like I connected with the camera and was feeling very confident. The winner of this shoot would win a trip to Montreal and a go-see followed by a fashion show if booked for Montreal Fashion Week. Amanda was the winner as well as Branden. I guess she started crying because that was the emotion she was told to bring. They picked me and Colin to go and I was so happy cause I got to go to Montreal and walk a real f**king show and the designer loved me! It was by far the best experience so far! Love it! I know Amanda picked me because she was mad at Karen but I don’t care. I got to go to Montreal and walk on a real show. It was just amazing. The runway this week is “the beautiful freaks," McQueen style, the most outrageous, unique crazy outfits and makeup and perform literally perform like freaks. Very weird and a lot of us got really messed up for it. It was just crazy and everyone got confused about the brief so there were a lot of "I thought this" or "I thought that." At the end of the crazy show, Shawn went home because he definitely lost it on the catwalk and really went over that line that we’re always trying to find and not cross it.

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