8 Times Greg Bennett Won Social Media

8 Times Greg Bennett Won Social Media

His love for Mariah Carey is unparalleled. 

Greg Looks for Love in San Francisco
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Manzo'd With Children family friend Greg Bennett is everything you'd want in a friend: hilarious, honest, and proficient in throwing some serious shade. With one look at his Twitter or Instagram, it's not hard to see that he's the king of social media. Check out some of his best works below. You'll definitely wind up giving him a follow when you do.

1. His Dating App Honesty

#tbt When Us Weekly included me on a very prestigious list #letmebeyourstar 🌟

A photo posted by Greg Bennett (@greggybennett) on

Most celebs are hush hush about using dating apps, but Greg is all for it. Let's be real, Dave Franco and Chelsea Handler use Tinder too, so who cares anyway?

2. The King of Clapbacks

When your ex reaches out and tries to be petty but you're not here for it

A photo posted by Greg Bennett (@greggybennett) on

Greg has no problem shutting haters down.

3. Candid Manzo Moments

Happy anniversary @laurenmanzo & @vitoscalia3, and happy anniversary to the making of this iconic video.

A video posted by Greg Bennett (@greggybennett) on

Check out this golden moment after Lauren's big day! 

4. Undying Love For Mariah Carey

Mariah GIFs are applicable for anything, and loving her music is definitely criteria to be considered husband material. 

5. Sipping Tea During the Brangelina Drama


6. Rosé Is a Lifestyle

Having wine is great in itself, but getting bottles of your favorite wine for free? Greg's living the life.

7. Man's Best Friend

New bed is Deloris approved ✔️

A photo posted by Greg Bennett (@greggybennett) on

His dog Deloris is unlike any other. Her facial expressions are priceless. 

8. Throwbacks Actually Worth Posting


A photo posted by Greg Bennett (@greggybennett) on

People post #TBTs all the time, but not every throwback is a quote about wanting to be Ben Affleck. 



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