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The Daily Dish Married to Medicine

Quad Webb Had Her Ex's Imprint Steamed out of Her Vagina & We Have All the Details

Dr. Heavenly Kimes took newly-divorced Quad Webb for a cleansing vaginal rejuvenation with fruit steam. Here's exactly what that entails.

By Marni Eth
Quad Webb and Heavenly Kimes Get a Vaginal Steam

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is one of the most sought-after dentists in the nation, but she isn't only an expert in oral healthcare — she also knows what’s good waist-down.

How to Watch

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In the Season 7 premiere of Married to Medicine, Heavenly brought Quad Webb with her to SweetSpot VTox Boutique in Atlanta to try one of their SweetSteam treatments that focuses on vaginal hydratherapy. (Watch the video above to relive that moment.) Heavenly explained that she has “to keep it tight and right” and wanted to open Quad up to “new things.” One thing in particular was a treatment that is basically a steam room, but for your vaginal tissues.

What’s the point of this? In Quad’s case, Heavenly wanted to help cleanse her of her ex-husband, explaining that “when you are with a man, they put an imprint on you” and the goal of that session was to “remove that imprint.” They joked that they would steam it right out of there, making the treatment just as much of a spiritual healing experience as it was a physical one.

As for the other benefits? Dr. Heavenly explained, “When you have a great vagina, it actually cures all the pain you have in your life!”

So… how does the vaginal rejuvenation treatment with herbs and fruit steam cleanse your vagina? Can you actually remove someone's "imprint" from inside you? We spoke to “Certified WombSauna/Trainer/Womb Reiki Practitioner” Aje' Wu-RA of Sweetspot VTox Boutique to learn more!


Purify + Detoxing Portion
To start, Aje’ Wu-RA explains that this particular treatment targets the “sacred space” of a woman (what she calls “wombman”), also noting their vaginal steam treatment is part of an “ancient healing art.” According to Aje’ Wu-RA, this type of treatment has “been used for many centuries by various different indigenous cultures.”

The main reason for “vaginal steam” is for the health and wellness of the "wombman," offering a way to "purify, detox, tone, and tighten the womb.” She explains that a women’s sacred space is “the most absorbent tissue” in the body and the treatment can assist “with the pH balancing, regulating feminine hormones, and estrogen levels.” It can also help “incontinence, hemorrhoids, heavy menstrual flow, PMS pain/cramps, candida yeast, and other imbalances.”

This particular treatment is categorized as a “regular monthly detox” where the “womb wellness maintenance” is typically three to five days after your menstrual cycle.

Ritual + Spiritual Aspects 
Part of the treatment offers a special process they call “Rites of Passage Ceremony,” which introduces women to “the importance of caring for their bodies.” The treatment doubles as a “spiritual soul cleanse,” and the fruit and herb steam is part of the "spirituality component” of their detoxing experience. For maximum spiritual results, they also recommend to do it in conjunction “with journal exercises, affirmations, and prayer for certain energy that is seeking to heal mind, body, and soul.”

They also recommend “changing your diet to a plant-based lifestyle” in order to “strengthen and balance the womb.”

Blessed Be The Fruit
Aje’ Wu-RA explained that the fruits used for the steam is a custom request, but it's usually dried fruits such as apples, pears, and oranges. The fruit “enhances with the herbal and flower essences of different blends" in order to support their clients' needs. Quad and Heavenly’s blend included red clover, red raspberries, and other herbs. The cost of these  “Certified Hydrotherapy Wellness" treatments ranges from $60-$99, depending on the specific requests.

Do’s & Don’ts
Aje’ Wu-RA warns that the hydrotherapy is not performed if you are pregnant, have an IUD, or think you may be pregnant. “It is also not performed when you are on your cycle, or experiencing any womb illnesses, active breakouts, and/or active disease/imbalance of the womb (yeast infection/bacterial vaginosis herpes),” she notes.

Aje’ Wu-RA says that a good candidate to try this treatment is someone looking for an “internal detox/cleansing” experience to “uplift” you “in a happy, healthy, and wealthy wellness” way.

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